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Real Estate Litigation


Our prominent practice revolves around resolving title disputes, quieting title claims, escrow matters, neighbor conflicts, and partition actions. With extensive experience, we bring unmatched expertise to ensure favorable outcomes.

Our team handles real estate disputes efficiently, from title issues to boundary conflicts. With deep expertise, we protect your property rights and ensure favorable outcomes.

Real Estate Transactions


Our meticulous legal services guide buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers through seamless real estate transactions with comprehensive attention to detail.

We guide you through real estate deals seamlessly, from contract review to closing. Our meticulous attention to detail safeguards your interests every step of the way.

Business Litigation


We adeptly resolve intricate business disputes, including contract breaches, partnership conflicts, and intellectual property matters, offering strategic counsel and effective representation.

We resolve business disputes effectively, including contract breaches and partnership conflicts. With strategic counsel, we protect your rights and achieve favorable resolutions.

Foreclosure Defense


We safeguard homeowners facing foreclosure through legal strategies, including challenging lender misconduct, aiding with loan modifications, and asserting defenses to foreclosure actions.

Facing foreclosure? We're here to help. Our legal strategies protect your home and financial stability, challenging lender misconduct and negotiating loan modifications.



We assist individuals and businesses in navigating bankruptcy, providing debt relief solutions and protecting assets through Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and other options.

When debt becomes overwhelming, bankruptcy offers relief. Our tailored solutions help you navigate Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and other options, protecting your assets along the way.

Elder Financial Abuse


We advocate for seniors and their families in cases of financial exploitation, fraud, and undue influence, seeking remedies to hold abusers accountable.

Seniors deserve protection from financial exploitation. We advocate for seniors and seek remedies to recover assets, holding perpetrators accountable.

Personal Injury


We pursue justice for those harmed due to negligence, accidents, or intentional harm, seeking fair compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Injured due to negligence? We fight for your rights and fair compensation. Let us help you recover medical expenses, lost wages, and rebuild your life.

Business Law


Our comprehensive legal services support businesses of all sizes, including formation, contract drafting, employment law, and dispute resolution, tailored to specific needs.

From formation to dispute resolution, we provide comprehensive legal services for businesses. Trust us to meet your unique needs and achieve your business goals.

Estate Planning


We craft customized estate plans, encompassing wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, to protect assets, minimize taxes, and ensure orderly wealth distribution as per clients' wishes.

Plan for the future with confidence. Our customized estate plans minimize taxes, protect assets, and ensure your wishes are carried out. Let us provide peace of mind.

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