Carson S. Harris

Carson S. Harris

Carson S. Harris is a pivotal member of Vokshori Law Group, serving as the Operations Manager. With his exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, Carson plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless functioning of our busy litigation practice.

Responsibilities and Contributions

As the Operations Manager, Carson oversees a wide range of critical tasks that keep our firm running smoothly. He serves as the main point of contact for all client billing, meticulously handling invoice preparation, payment recording, and reconciliation of client billing accounts. His strong dedication to client satisfaction shines through as he provides comprehensive support for any billing inquiries that may arise.

Client Management and Intake

Sarah’s dedication extends to managing client appointments and ensuring that their needs are met promptly and efficiently. As the primary point of contact for prospective clients, she skillfully handles intake processes, document collection, and discusses our firm’s service offerings. Her ability to build lasting and impactful relationships fosters a sense of trust and confidence among our clients.

Court Filings and Document Management

Carson takes charge of coordinating all court filings and the proper service of documents, an integral responsibility in our bustling litigation practice. With his unwavering attention to detail and strong organizational skills, he ensures that deadlines are met, and all necessary documentation is accurately and promptly submitted.

Management and Training

In addition to his role in operations, Carson oversees the hiring, training, and management of our skilled team of legal assistants. His guidance and mentorship empower our legal assistants to excel in their roles, contributing to the overall efficiency of the firm. Carson also keeps client files meticulously organized, ensuring that essential documents are readily accessible and our attorneys have the necessary resources at their fingertips.

Legal Support and Client Onboarding

Carson’s commitment to providing comprehensive legal support is evident in his assistance with various tasks. From preparing privilege logs and conducting research to assembling trial notebooks for our attorneys, he plays a pivotal role in facilitating smooth case management. Additionally, Carson plays an instrumental part in onboarding new clients, setting up their case profiles, assigning them to responsible handling attorneys, and ensuring a seamless transition into our services.

Liaison and Record-Keeping

Carson serves as a liaison between our firm and court clerks, handling the scheduling of hearings and appearances. He skillfully manages document recording with county authorities, guaranteeing that all necessary filings are accurately processed. Furthermore, Carson assists in the preparation and review of title reports as needed, contributing to the firm’s comprehensive legal support.


Carson holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California (USC), where he majored in Law, History, and Culture. His academic journey at USC provided him with a comprehensive understanding of legal principles and their impact on society. Carson’s passion for the law and his desire to make a difference in people’s lives have inspired him to pursue a legal career.

Additional Skills and Interests

Carson’s commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond his professional role. He consistently strives to provide exceptional service and support, leveraging his strong interpersonal skills to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Outside of work, Carson enjoys producing music, exploring museums, dancing, and engaging in outdoor activities with friends. He values personal growth and continuously seeks new knowledge and experiences to broaden his horizons.

Carson’s dedication to excellence and his genuine care for clients make him an indispensable member of Vokshori Law Group. As the Operations Manager, he plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and delivering exceptional service to our clients.

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